Academic Affairs

Office: 50, UNIST-gil, Ulsan 44919, Republic of Korea, Bldg.108, Room U203 (2F)
Phone: +82 52-217-1818Fax: 052-217-1819
Position, name, duties, extension number, e-mail
Position Name Affairs Tel Email
Team leader Hyunbae Shin Team Director, Faculty Personnel(College of Engineering) 217-1801
Staff Juyoung Jun Recruitment of Researchers at CoE, CUEEn(G, UG) Academic affairs, Technical Research Personnel, Safety Management 217-1803
Staff Taehoon Chang ME(UG/G), SE(G) and SSE(UG) Educational Affairs 217-1807
Staff Chaejeong Lim ECHE(UG) Educational Affairs, Faculty Personnel(College of Engineering), Student Union Support, Document Management 217-1804
Staff Minjung An ECHE(G) and CN(G) Educational Affairs, Educational Affairs Planning, Website Management 217-1806
Staff Minji Kim MSE(UG/G) and NE(UG/G) Educational Affairs, Security Management 217-1802
Staff Soon Hee Lee Project Planning, Contract of Researchers at CoE, Learning by Doing, Budget Management, General Affairs 217-1812
Staff Yuri Go Research Affairs Planning, General Manager of Research Administration, Research Management of BTS IFRP 217-1809
Researcher Jinkyung Kim Research Administration of BTS IFRP 217-1817
Researcher Eunkyeong JO Research Administration of BTS IFRP 217-1811