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College of Engineering is making sincere endeavors to contribute in accomplishing this vision. In education we focus on fostering brilliant students who can be the future leaders with love for humanity and a vocation for society. In Research we aim to develop interdisciplinary technology and challenge on researches that we must pursue, not something that anyone can do.

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[2024 Commencement] “Being the first to do something is just as honorable as being the best at something!”

“Being the first to do something is just as honorable as being the best at something!” "It is important to be open to exploring fields beyond entertainment," said Seunghwan Lee, who delivered the commencement speech at the 2024 UNIST Commen..

New Study Unveils Scalable and Efficient Photoelectrode Modules for Green Hydrogen Production

Abstract For practical photoelectrochemical water splitting to become a reality, highly efficient, stable and scalable photoelectrodes are essential. However..

World’s First Metamaterial Developed to Enable Real-Time Shape and Property Control

Abstract Inspired by the adaptive features exhibited by biological organisms like the octopus, soft machines that can tune their shape and mechan..

UNIST and Hyundai Motor Company Collaborate on Next-Gen 3D Printing in Mobility

UNIST and Hyundai Motor Company have recently announced their collaboration to jointly develop 3D printing technologies, particularly in the field of next-generation mobility. On February 5, UNIST signed a strategic partnership agreement with Hyundai Motor Company to establish a joint 3D printing..

Non-Solvating Electrolytes Enhance Performance of Organic Electrode-Based Batteries

Abstract The potential of organic electrodes in lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) is highlighted by their cost-effectiveness and natural abundance. H..

World’s First Real-Time Wearable Human Emotion Recognition Technology Developed!

Abstract Human affects such as emotions, moods, feelings are increasingly being considered as key parameter to enhance the interaction of human with div..

Revolutionary Breakthrough in Solar Energy: World’s Most Efficient QD Solar Cells Developed

Abstract Whereas lead halide perovskite-based colloidal quantum dots (PQDs) have emerged as a promising photoactive material for solar cells, the research to ..

Groundbreaking Discovery Enables Cost-Effective and Eco-friendly Green Hydrogen Production

Abstract Despite intensive studies over decades, the development of electrocatalysts for acidic water splitting still relies on platinum group metals..

UNIST College of Engineering


College of engineering runs highly specialized curriculums through various training classes,
related specialties, and high tech educational facilities to cultivate global talents.


Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Sang Hoon Kang
  • Cheolhyeon Kwon
  • Hyungson Ki
  • Gun-Ho Kim
  • Namhun Kim
  • Byung-Joo Kim
  • Sung Youb Kim
  • ...

Department of Nuclear Engineering

  • Ji Hyun Kim
  • Hee Reyoung Kim
  • Byung Joo Min
  • Jaeyeong Park
  • In Cheol Bang
  • Dong-Seong Sohn
  • Seung Chang Yoo
  • ...

Department of Urban and Environmental Engineering

  • Young-Nam Kwon
  • Gun Kim
  • Miae Kim
  • Min-Cheol Kim
  • Byungmin Kim
  • Jaai Kim
  • Jeongseob Kim
  • ...

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

  • Soon-Yong Kwon
  • Ju-Young Kim
  • Jiyun Kim
  • Sung Soo Park
  • Hyesung Park
  • Soo-Min Baek
  • Joonki Suh
  • ...

School of Energy and Chemical Engineering

  • Seok Ju Kang
  • Hyun-Deok Kang
  • Hyunhyub Ko
  • Sang Kyu Kwak
  • Ja Hun Kwak
  • Kanghee Ku
  • Youngkook Kwon
  • ...

School of Energy and Chemical Engineering

  • Jeong Kon Seo
  • Tae Joo Shin
  • Tae-Sik Yoon
  • Hongsik Jeong
  • Hu Young Jeong

UNIST College of Engineering

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