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College of Engineering is making sincere endeavors to contribute in accomplishing this vision. In education we focus on fostering brilliant students who can be the future leaders with love for humanity and a vocation for society. In Research we aim to develop interdisciplinary technology and challenge on researches that we must pursue, not something that anyone can do.

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New Mode of Materials Growth, “Spiral Growth Graphene” Has Been Discovered

In history, the synthesis of key materials, such as bronze, steel, polymer, and silicon, represents the most advanced technology of human society. Until now, the discovery of a new material and the development of materials highly depends on the experiences gained by a huge number of experimental tri..

Researchers Develop Mussel-Inspired Adhesive Binders to Improve Aqueous SAB Performance

A research team, affiliated with UNIST has announced that they have successfully developed a high polymer binder material that helps catalysts stick to electrodes of seawater batteries to improve performance. The adhesive material was designed after sticky protein, produced by mussels, that sticks t..

Ultrasound Controlled Mechanophore Activation in Hydrogels for Cancer Therapy

A joint research team, affiliated with UNIST has reported that they have successfully developed a novel tool for cancer treatment, utilizing therapeutic ultrasound. According to the research team, the new method has also proved surprisingly effective in animal tests, thereby demonstrating its potent..

Roadmap for Finding New Functional Porous Materials

The discovery of new structures holds tremendous promise for accessing advanced functional materials in energy and environmental applications. Although cage-based porous materials, metal-organic polyhedra (MOPs), are attracting attention as an emerging functional platform for numerous applications, ..

Direct Propylene Epoxidation with Oxygen, Using Photo-Electro-Heterogeneous Catalytic System

A research team, affiliated with UNIST has announced that they succeeded in developing a new catalyst system, capable of synthesizing raw materials for automobile interior materials or cosmetics using sunlight and oxygen. This breakthrough has been led by Professor Ja Hun Kwak and Professor Ji-Wo..

Webasto Korea Co. Ltd. Makes Charitable Donation to UNIST

On March 8, UNIST has announced that it has received a gift of 120,000 euros from Webasto Korea Co., Ltd. Their generous donation will be used to foster high-caliber talents in the field of future mobility. A donation ceremony to commemorate and display gratitude for Webasto Korea Co., Ltd.'s ge..

UNIST Signs Cooperation MoU with Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd.

UNIST has joined hands with the Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd. (KAI) to take the lead in the field of advanced manufacturing technology research, thereby marking a major step forward for South Korea's space sector. A ceremony to mark the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the..

UNIST Students Take Center Stage at the 2022 Samsung Humantech Paper Award!

Nine UNIST students have been recognized for their excellence in academic and research work at the 28th Annual Samsung Humantech Paper Award ceremony. This year, UNIST has won UNIST, having already established itself as a leading institute in science and technology, once again took center stage a..

UNIST College of Engineering


College of engineering runs highly specialized curriculums through various training classes,
related specialties, and high tech educational facilities to cultivate global talents.


Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Sang Hoon Kang
  • Cheolhyeon Kwon
  • Hyungson Ki
  • Gun-Ho Kim
  • Namhun Kim
  • Byung-Joo Kim
  • Sung Youb Kim
  • ...

Department of Nuclear Engineering

  • Ji Hyun Kim
  • Hee Reyoung Kim
  • Byung Joo Min
  • Jaeyeong Park
  • In Cheol Bang
  • Dong-Seong Sohn
  • Seung Chang Yoo
  • ...

Department of Urban and Environmental Engineering

  • Young-Nam Kwon
  • Gun Kim
  • Miae Kim
  • Min-Cheol Kim
  • Byungmin Kim
  • Jaai Kim
  • Jeongseob Kim
  • ...

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

  • Soon-Yong Kwon
  • Ju-Young Kim
  • Jiyun Kim
  • Sung Soo Park
  • Hyesung Park
  • Soo-Min Baek
  • Joonki Suh
  • ...

School of Energy and Chemical Engineering

  • Seok Ju Kang
  • Hyun-Deok Kang
  • Hyunhyub Ko
  • Sang Kyu Kwak
  • Ja Hun Kwak
  • Kanghee Ku
  • Youngkook Kwon
  • ...

School of Energy and Chemical Engineering

  • Jeong Kon Seo
  • Tae Joo Shin
  • Tae-Sik Yoon
  • Hongsik Jeong
  • Hu Young Jeong

UNIST College of Engineering

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