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College of Engineering is making sincere endeavors to contribute in accomplishing this vision. In education we focus on fostering brilliant students who can be the future leaders with love for humanity and a vocation for society. In Research we aim to develop interdisciplinary technology and challenge on researches that we must pursue, not something that anyone can do.

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[Short News] Recent Awards and Achievements at UNIST

The Intelligent Remote sensing and geospatial Information Science (IRIS) lab, under the leadership of Professor Jungho Im from the Department of Urban and Environmental Engineering at UNIST, has recently announced that three of i..

New Study Unveils Nanocrystal Shines On and Off Indefinitely

A research team affiliated with UNIST has made a significant breakthrough in uncovering the potential of ultra-photostable avalanching nanoparticles. Their study demonstrates that such particles can perform unlimited photoswitching, leading to new advancements in fields like optical probes, 3D optic..

Revealing the Dual-Layered Solid Electrolyte Interphase on Lithium-Metal Anodes via Cryo-EM

Abstract It is crucial to comprehend the effect of the solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) on battery performance to develop stable Li metal batteries. No..

Disentangling the Mechanisms of Equatorial Pacific Climate Change

Abstract Most state-of-art models project a reduced equatorial Pacific east-west temperature gradient and a weakened Walker circulation under global warming...

UNIST Alumni Apprised of His Appointment to Professorship

The Department of Energy Engineering at UNIST is delighted to announce that one of its distinguished alumni, Kyung Mo Kim, has recently been appointed as an Assistant Professor at the Korea Institute of Energy Technology (KENTECH), which began operations in March 2022. As a distinguished scholar ..

Double-Floating-Gate vdW Transistor for High-Precision Synaptic Operations

Abstract Two-dimensional materials and their heterostructures have thus far been identified as leading candidates for nanoelectronics owing to the near-atom t..

Achieving Volatile Potassium Promoted Ammonia Synthesis via Mechanochemistry

Abstract Potassium oxide (K2O) is used as a promotor in industrial ammonia synthesis, although metallic potassium (K) is better in theory. The reason K2O is ..

UNIST Breakthrough Paves Way Next-Generation Li-M Batteries That Charge Very Quickly

Abstract Over the past decade, lithium metal has been considered the most attractive anode material for high-energy-density batteries. However, its practi..

UNIST College of Engineering


College of engineering runs highly specialized curriculums through various training classes,
related specialties, and high tech educational facilities to cultivate global talents.


Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Sang Hoon Kang
  • Cheolhyeon Kwon
  • Hyungson Ki
  • Gun-Ho Kim
  • Namhun Kim
  • Byung-Joo Kim
  • Sung Youb Kim
  • ...

Department of Nuclear Engineering

  • Ji Hyun Kim
  • Hee Reyoung Kim
  • Byung Joo Min
  • Jaeyeong Park
  • In Cheol Bang
  • Dong-Seong Sohn
  • Seung Chang Yoo
  • ...

Department of Urban and Environmental Engineering

  • Young-Nam Kwon
  • Gun Kim
  • Miae Kim
  • Min-Cheol Kim
  • Byungmin Kim
  • Jaai Kim
  • Jeongseob Kim
  • ...

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

  • Soon-Yong Kwon
  • Ju-Young Kim
  • Jiyun Kim
  • Sung Soo Park
  • Hyesung Park
  • Soo-Min Baek
  • Joonki Suh
  • ...

School of Energy and Chemical Engineering

  • Seok Ju Kang
  • Hyun-Deok Kang
  • Hyunhyub Ko
  • Sang Kyu Kwak
  • Ja Hun Kwak
  • Kanghee Ku
  • Youngkook Kwon
  • ...

School of Energy and Chemical Engineering

  • Jeong Kon Seo
  • Tae Joo Shin
  • Tae-Sik Yoon
  • Hongsik Jeong
  • Hu Young Jeong

UNIST College of Engineering

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