The UNIST College of Engineering is working toward three key visions for the futureacademic excellence, success in scientific research, and a joyful campus life.

First, we strive to achieve academic excellence.
The College of Engineering aspires to strengthen foundational knowledge and design an advanced curriculum that balances both engineering knowledge and research. In addition, a participatory program is implemented in which students discover problems for themselves and find ways to solve them.
Students participate in the ‘Brain to Society’ (BTS) project team on industrial research topics that interest them. Through this project, students cultivate expertise and solve problems in a wide range of fields.


Our second goal is to achieve accomplishments in scientific research.
We research cutting-edge technologies to create an innovative future in a rapidly changing environment characterized by the 4th Industrial Revolution and carbon neutrality.
The College of Engineering, with its numerous faculty members, outstanding research facilities, and advanced research programs, plays a leading role in doctoral dissertations, academic presentations, intellectual property rights, technology transfer, and business start-ups in all fields.
We will take a leadership role in delivering a message of hope through science and technology and driving future change–an engineering school where students can enjoy life.


Third, we hope to foster a joyful campus life.
We actively develop small events to participate in together, such as e-sports competitions, book cafes, and goose culture projects. We also actively seek to establish ourselves as UNIST’s unique campus culture. We are broadening our experiences and perspectives through various self-governance and experiential activities, as well as through study and research.
We will create an engineering college where students can have fun and be happy together.


Let’s work together to connect your dream and our vision for the future.

Dean of College of Engineering,
Sung Youb Kim